Where Robust Power Meets Espresso Elegance

XLVI Steamhammer 2 group

The Steamhammer is the epitome of power and precision in espresso crafting. Sculpted for heavy-duty operations and high volume outputs, it's a beacon of consistent quality and reliability.

Illuminate your workspace with its LED lights and safely maneuver with its cool-touch steam and water wands. XLVI Steamhammer, is a fusion of striking aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Its extended steam wands are primed for large milk jugs, operated by a lever for silky-smooth steam release, its presence exudes strength and sophistication.

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XLVI Steamhammer 1 group

The embodiment of Italian craftsmanship and espresso mastery. Tailored for high-volume operations, it promises precision, user-friendly handling, and unwavering reliability even under the most demanding conditions.

This machine's pre-set water function ensures the ideal brew every time. Emerging from the esteemed workshops of XLVI, the Steamhammer marries a magnetic aesthetic with top-tier technology, presenting an espresso machine that's as compelling in appearance as it is in performance.

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The Essence of Compact Quality

Nuova Simonelli Microbar II

Introducing the Microbar II: tailor-made for spaces where efficiency meets elegance, such as restaurants, bustling coffee corners, and offices. This compact superautomatic machine ensures that no matter the setting, the joy of sipping a superior coffee isn’t compromised by space constraints. With its robust yet streamlined design, the Microbar II promises not only ease of use but also consistently professional outcomes.Uniquely designed for quiet operation, the soundproofed grinder ensures that the serene ambiance of intimate spaces remains undisturbed. Its modular componentry simplifies maintenance, providing quick and effortless access for any servicing needs. But what truly sets the Microbar II apart is its unwavering promise of top-tier coffee and cappuccino, consistently delivered with every brew. Experience exceptional coffee, condensed.

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Silent Efficiency with Uncompromised Quality

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar

The Prontobar Silent by Nuova Simonelli is not just a coffee machine; it's a testament to superior craftsmanship and design. Created for diverse environments, from bustling cafes to quiet offices, it delivers unparalleled coffee quality. With its advanced metal components and newly designed burrs, every cup promises precision and perfection.

Its brilliance doesn't end there. The Prontobar operates silently thanks to its innovative volumetric pump, ensuring the coffee experience remains undisturbed. Moreover, its eco-friendly design and adaptability make it an industry frontrunner. Whether you're desiring a single espresso or catering to a variety of tastes, the Prontobar Silent ensures excellence in every sip.

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Simplicity Meets Excellence

Talento Touch

Dive into a seamless coffee experience with the Talento Touch. Designed for peak performance and durability, it embodies traditional coffee-making wisdom to craft superior milk and coffee beverages. Its silent operation and compact design are complemented by its adaptability, catering to diverse coffee needs. Prepare espressos in a swift 20 seconds or explore from a choice of eight distinct beverages.

Further elevating the Talento's prowess is its commitment to environmental sustainability through its Ongreening association. Its EasyCream Technology guarantees velvety milk art, while the interactive touchscreen simplifies customization, letting baristas personalize drink names and settings.

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Where design meets durability for the espresso aficionado.

Nuova Simonelli Musica

The Musica, by Nuova Simonelli, is more than just an espresso machine; it's a harmonious blend of design, function, and quality. A compact yet powerful machine, the Musica promises exquisite espressos, making it the perfect fit for homes, offices, diners, mobile spots, and quaint cafes.

With its volumetric features, baristas can effortlessly program and select from three distinct dosage options using the machine's sleek, back-lit soft-touch buttons. Depending on your preference, choose between the easy-to-use pour-over model with a water tank or the direct-connect model which ties seamlessly into a water source. Far from ordinary, the Musica is crafted for longevity, having demonstrated its resilience even in high-demand settings, brewing over 50 cups daily for years without faltering.

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Where innovation meets effortless espresso artistry.

ECM Elektronika

Discover the ultimate brewing experience with the ECM Elektronika. Designed for both novices and coffee connoisseurs, this machine combines the efficiency of a heat exchanger system with the quiet operation of a rotary pump. One touch is all you need for individually programmed dosing, delivering your perfect espresso shot every time. An illuminated control panel and automated group cleaning ensure both ease of use and maintenance, while the advanced ECM brew group, adorned with a sleek stainless steel bell, promises consistency in every cup.

Further elevating the Elektronika's user experience are options for water sourcing: choose between the integrated tank or a direct water connection. Its rapid steam and hot water valves make milk-based beverages a breeze, and the two ergonomically designed, weight-balanced ECM portafilters ensure a comfortable brewing process from start to finish.

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