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XLVI Steamhammer 2 group

The Steamhammer is the epitome of power and precision in espresso crafting. Sculpted for heavy-duty operations and high volume outputs, it's a beacon of consistent quality and reliability.

Illuminate your workspace with its LED lights and safely maneuver with its cool-touch steam and water wands. XLVI Steamhammer, is a fusion of striking aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Its extended steam wands are primed for large milk jugs, operated by a lever for silky-smooth steam release, its presence exudes strength and sophistication.

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XLVI Steamhammer 1 group

The embodiment of Italian craftsmanship and espresso mastery. Tailored for high-volume operations, it promises precision, user-friendly handling, and unwavering reliability even under the most demanding conditions.

This machine's pre-set water function ensures the ideal brew every time. Emerging from the esteemed workshops of XLVI, the Steamhammer marries a magnetic aesthetic with top-tier technology, presenting an espresso machine that's as compelling in appearance as it is in performance.

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Top-quality espresso with minimum energy consumption.

Aurelia Wave

Aurelia Wave is a first-class machine for those searching for high efficiency and consistency. The cutting-edge developments fused in the Aurelia Wave.

With its sleek lines, the machine easily fits into any room or space. The Aurelia Wave offers new advancements including smart Water Technology, eco-sustainability, touchscreen display, ergonomics and Tulse-Jet technology, T3 technology, Auto-purge system..

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Modern Efficiency Meets Espresso Mastery. 20% Greener, 100% Perfect.

Appia Life

Elevating the legacy of its predecessor, the Appia, the Appia Life coffee machine is not just an espresso maker—it's an embodiment of precision, panache, and sustainability. Marrying unmatched productivity and a sleek modern aesthetic, it stands as the quintessential companion for those who seek excellence in every cup. Beyond its undeniable prowess in crafting the perfect brew, it champions an eco-friendly ethos, sipping 20% less energy and setting the golden standard in sustainable coffee artistry.

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Where Precision Meets Espresso Perfection, Every Single Pour.

Appia Life Compact

The Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact is where artistry meets efficiency in espresso crafting. Boasting a sleek, space-saving design, this steel marvel offers baristas unparalleled precision with dual group controls and twin steam lances.

Toggle between volumetric and manual dosing for that perfect brew. Its soft infusion system ensures consistency, reducing errors and always delivering a flawless cup. Every pour invites customers into a symphony of flavors, promising them a repeatable, luxurious experience.

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