Precision, Quietness, and Seamless Brewing at Your Fingertips.

Nuova Simonelli MDXS (Silent)

The MDXS coffee grinder elevates your coffee journey with unmatched
precision and user-friendly operations. Boasting a daily grinding
capacity of 1.5 kg, it shines through its unparalleled consistency,
whisper-quiet operation, and effortless handling. Crafted from sturdy
stainless steel, its robust frame houses 65 mm burrs, ensuring pinpoint
grinding accuracy. The MDXS not only enhances your brewing experience
but also streamlines your workflow with its intuitive touchscreen
display and convenient portafilter hook. Dive into excellence with every

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Where Quiet Precision Meets Barista Excellence

Nuova Simonelli MDJ On-Demand

The Nuova Simonelli MDJ On-Demand Grinder stands as the epitome of professional grinding. Tailored for high-output settings, this powerful yet whisper-quiet grinder ensures cafes stay ahead even during their busiest moments. Engineered for speed and precision, it boasts a touchscreen display and portafilter hook that streamline operations, all while delivering a consistently perfect grind. With its robust flat steel burrs and rapid grinding prowess, the MDJ offers both efficiency and exceptional consistency. What sets the MDJ apart is its unique blend of speed without the usual grind noise, thanks to Nuova Simonelli's innovative noise-reduction technology. Simplicity is key: the intuitive electronic display ensures even the newest barista can master the machine. Trust in the MDJ, a testament to Nuova Simonelli's commitment to excellence.

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Precision Grinding, Barista's Dream

Victoria Arduino Mythos Two

The Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 is the zenith of grinding technology, skillfully blending precision with user-centric features. Harnessing a gravimetric system, it doses coffee based on its actual weight, ensuring unfaltering consistency. The innovative Clima Pro 2.0 allows baristas the autonomy to adjust burr temperatures, keeping the grinding environment ideal, while the durable 85mm Titanium Burrs enhance longevity and efficiency.

Further elevating the user experience, the Mythos 2 shines with its LED-illuminated workspace, ensuring clarity in any setting. Its micrometric grind adjustment grants unparalleled control over the grind's granularity. With the inclusion of the Clump Crusher Tech, every dose is flawlessly smooth and free from clumps. The multi-function touch display and variable speed motor enhance workflow, solidifying the Mythos 2 as a must-have for coffee aficionados.

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Victoria Arduino Mythos One

In collaboration with a team of champion baristas, Victoria Arduino crafted the Mythos One to transcend traditional espresso grinder capabilities. With a primary goal to achieve unparalleled grind profile and dosing consistency, the Mythos One features temperature-controlled burrs. This unique system, which both heats and cools, maintains a consistent operating temperature, removing the need for constant grind adjustments throughout the day, ensuring both precision and reduced coffee wastage. The grinder's Clump Crusher technology delivers clump-free, fluffy grinds, ensuring an even distribution with every dose.

The Mythos One is outfitted with Titanium Burrs that boast an impressive lifespan, capable of grinding massive quantities before requiring a change. The grinder integrates Micrometric grind adjustment, providing baristas the luxury of micro-tweaking at any grinding stage. The multi-functional LCD display provides a centralized control system, enabling baristas to adjust dosing, select modes, and lock settings seamlessly. The inclusion of a portafilter holder further streamlines the grinding process, allowing baristas to multitask efficiently.

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