Appia Life

Appia Life is a direct result of the success of the Appia. With its high levels of efficiency and performance, this machine is valued by baristas around the world.

Simple and innovative.

Appia life sticks out, for its demonstrated dependability as well as for the advanced style that makes it extraordinary. It is a wonderful espresso machine for larger organizations, coffeehouse chains, or any place that there is a need to serve a plethora of coffee.

Appia Life is designed to save energy, sustain the environment, and be cost effective..

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  • Traditional coffee machine
  • Insulated boilers
  • Display
  • SIS system
  • Volumetric dosage (vers.“V”)
  • Lights
  • Incorporated volumetric pump
  • 2 stainless steel steam wands with Push&Pull command
  • 1 hot water wand
  • Hot water economizer (optional)
  • Electrical cup warmer (optional)
  • Raised groups (optional)
  • Cup warmer rail (optional)

2 GR Features

Boiler: Lt 11;
Power: 3350W;
Voltage: 230/380V;
Frequency: 50/60Hz.;
Dim.(WxDxH): 784x545x498mm;
Net/Gross weight: 54/66 Kg;

3 GR Features

Boiler: Lt 15;
Power: 5400W;
Voltage: 230/380V;
Frequency: 50/60Hz.;
Dim.(WxDxH): 1014x545x498 mm;
Net/Gross weight: 72/85 Kg;


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